He Is the Single Most Repulsive Person on the Planet

Tucker Carlson called Donald Trump out as “the single most repulsive person on the planet,” which one assumes means Carlson has exempted himself from any discussion of that claim.

At the time, way back in 1999, Carlson had just begun his downward trajectory as a ‘conservative writer’ and commentator. How was he to know that he would, a scant 20 years hence, become Trump’s ace supplicant and fellow white supremacist?

Bear in mind that there was once a moment in time when labeling oneself a ‘conservative’ simply meant you hated minorities, the working class and the poor – but kept those proclivities tightly wrapped in a coating of greasy hypocrisy.

These days Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump are free to wallow in their amoral slime without being cast out of the public square.

Much has changed in the American body politic.

And it suits them just fine, thank you. The Rubes, Goobers and Ignoble Rabble that now make up their constituencies are thrilled to have shills to give voice to their pathology.

And in closing, Carlson offered this gem about his mentor.

“I’d love to add something even meaner to your description of Donald Trump – he’s the sort of person I want to keep kicking once he’s down – but I don’t think I can,” Carlson wrote at the time.