The Insurrectionist in Chief Has Gone All the Way Around the Bend

It’s official. Donald J. Trump is an ongoing danger to the sane among us and an utter lunatic.

“The Senate ‘investigation’ of the election is a cover up, and a method of getting out of a Forensic Audit for the examination of the Presidential contest,” Trump said. “Corrupt (?) politicians falsely claim there was no Voter Fraud in Michigan (has anyone looked at what is considered the most corrupt election city in the U.S., DETROIT?).”

It’s a new low for Trump, and that’s saying a bunch. Please bear in mind that this frothing, spluttering attack is aimed at members of his own party and specifically against reliable toadies like Michigan’s own Mike Shirkey.

And to add a few cups of Fry-O-Lator grease to his pet dumpster fire, Trump included this gem and language-horror.

“Instead of doing a Forensic Audit, they want to investigate the Patriots who have fought for the truth and who are exposing a very possibly Rigged Election,” Trump added. “The truth will come out and RINO’s will pay at the polls, especially with primary voters and expected challenges. Our Country was based on Free and Fair Elections, and that’s what we must have!”