We Don’t Want You Here

Ron Johnson, Trump supplicant and all-round horrorshow, got shouted down by his constituents for being a wretched hypocrite.

It is deeply satisfying to watch…

Johnson being treated to a cascade of boos during a #Juneteenth celebration – he voted against making it a national holiday – is a true delight.

Johnson was responsible fir single-handedly blocking the bill in the Senate last year and then, swine that he is, immediately tried to take credit for the passage into law of the holiday and skulked to Milwaukee’s celebration.

Johnson whined to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the voters shouting him down were engaged in behavior that is “not how you heal a nation.”

Johnson is an authority on not healing a nation as his support for voter suppression and for Trump’s Capitol insurrection are on the cutting edge of all that’s wrong in American politics.