Something In It For Them

Though they all once boasted relatively clean reputations, attorneys Sidney Powell, Cleta Mitchell, L Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani and Joe diGenova are now battling to stay afloat in the cesspool of lies and filth that surround The Insurrectionist in Chief.

Each of those listed above are engaged in various attempts to weaken the structure of the American electoral system. They’re doing that by repeating or creating false claims to support the InC’s fabrications he uses to explain away his vicious, resounding election loss in 2020.

Each of them are currently being investigated – or are being sued – for their efforts on behalf of the Worst US President in History.

So have their all lost their tiny minds? Not necessarily…

“Lawyers who make preposterous and counterfactual statements to the public typically only do it when there’s something in it for them – and that usually means money,” says Paul Pelletier, a former acting chief of the US Department of Justice fraud section.

It may all just be a part of the ongoing Grift which marks the Trump Years.