Let’s Just Be Honest

When GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina starts a rant with this standard goober-fleecing preamble, you know where the rest of his fuisillade of propoganda is headed:

“Let’s just be honest. The bad guys were afraid of Trump,” Graham said. “Who’s afraid of Biden? The Europeans are talking about doing a trade deal with China as China dismantles Hong Kong’s democracy and is engaging in genocide against the Uyghurs. So, this just blows my mind.”

Yep. When Trump or any of his toadying minions begins a sentence with the phrase “Let’s just be honest” it is a certainty that the words to follow will be a cascade of lies – and often a product pitch or two.

Graham sought something like sound footing with this addendum:

“They’re talking about going back into the Iranian nuclear deal even though Iran hasn’t changed its behavior at all. I can tell you one thing, the Israelis miss a stronger American president.”