If There Was Ever A Doubt Trump Is A Russian Agent

Donald Trump’s absurdly named ‘Save America’ campaign released a statement which removed all doubt that the Former Insurrectionist in Chief is a Russian operative.

Trump said he would put his trust in Russian agents over “sleezebags” and “lowlifes” the US intelligence agencies.

To top it off, Trump once again claimed his disastrous 2018 summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki helped win Washington Moscow’s “respect.” During that ‘summit’ Comrade Trump sided with Putin when the Russian asked whether Moscow had interfered in the 2016 presidential election.

President Biden will meet with Putin in Geneva on Thursday to attempt to undo Trump’s foolhardy capitulation to Russian intelligence.

Those talks will take Putin to task for Russian interference in US elections, ransomware attacks on US companies by gangs certain to be based and run by Russian intelligence services and to address Putin’s ongoing war in Ukraine.