Senator Ron Johnson. Bootlicking, Insurrectionist Quisling.

Sen. Ron Johnson, (R-Wis.), is up to his standard boot-licking shenanigans and “took issue” not with insurrectionists, but rather with the way the murderous Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol has been portrayed.

According to Ron the Sedition Apologist, the public ‘depiction’ of an event which claimed five lives and helped degrade faith in American democracy was so much theater and “highly biased.”

“I think it was driven by the very slick video that was produced by the impeachment managers,” Johnson boldface at reporters during a meeting of the Milwaukee Press Club. “There has been a lot of false information, but it hasn’t come out of my mouth.”

That statement alone is, of course, a complete load of Trumpian horse feces.

In Johnson’s telling of the riot, the lunatic pro-Trump mob that battled past Capitol police officers was composed of individuals who “truly respect law enforcement” and “loved this country.”

Note the past tense regarding their love of country.

“Had the tables been turned and President Donald Trump won the election and those were thousands of Black Lives Matter and antifa protestors I would have been concerned,” Johnson told Wisconsin radio.

A pathetic toady for Trump, Johnson spearheaded investigations of Trump political opponents, spread conspiracy theories about the FBI and the Trump–Ukraine scandal, promoted and embellished false claims of fraud in the 2020 election, rambled on that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was at fault for the storming of the U.S. Capitol, and generally offers apologies for pro-Trump insurrectionists.

Johnson wlso rejects the scientific consensus on climate change, opposes the Affordable Care Act and has voted multiple times to repeal it.

And to complete his lunatic-fringe resume, during the COVID-19 pandemic Johnson loudly argued against public health measures, leveraged his chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security Committee to invite witnesses to push fringe theories about COVID-19, and downplayed the need for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Ron Johnson is a QAnon Simp and peckerhead par excellence.