If You Look Around the Poker Table and You Can’t Spot the Sucker

David Icke came up with the theory that a race of intelligent reptiles, he called them “Annunaki,” have held most positions of political power for centuries.

His particular brand of goofy held that everyone from Queen Elizabeth to George W. Bush to Henry Kissinger were secretly reptiles wearing realistic human masks.

And if that isn’t loopy enough for your pleasure, some 12 million Americans are convinced that our leaders are really lizards in disguise.

My Pillow Loon, Mike Lindell, seems like an amateur in that sort of company, but a high-functioning neophyte.

“It is my hope that Donald Trump is reinstated, after all the proof comes out, by the end of August, but I don’t know if it’ll be that month, specifically,” Lindell said. “That was my estimation. I spoke about it with my lawyers who said that they should have something ready for us to bring before the U.S. Supreme Court by July. So, in my mind, I hope that means that we could have Donald Trump back in the White House by August. That’s how I landed on August, and I’m hopeful that that is correct.”

But he’s holding all the cards, so…