The Beaten Goes On – Trump and His Looney Chorus

Former Boil on the American Body Politic, Donald Trump, has been telling fellow conspirators that he fully expects to be ‘reinstated’ as president by August on the heels of shoddy and ongoing partisan ‘election audits’ foisted on taxpayers in states like Arizona and Georgia.

Trump lackey and felon Michael Flynn has been busy drumming up the hicks, goobers and rubes in hopes of serving his spastic master.

Note his recent slobbering on Parler:

“For all the fake news ‘journalists’: Let me be VERY CLEAR — There is NO reason whatsoever for any coup in America, and I do not and have not at any time called for any action of that sort,” Flynn typed. “Any reporting of any other belief by me is a boldface fabrication based on twisted reporting at a lively panel at a conference of Patriotic Americans who love this country, just as I do. I am no stranger to media manipulating my words and therefore let me repeat my response to a question asked at the conference: There is no reason it (a coup) should happen here (in America).” 

Flynn and his ‘lively panel’ of hucksters and QAnonsensers are just ‘joking’ again it seems.

Nothing to see here…just a little ‘Minamar’ hyperbole.