53 Percent of Republicans Are Seditious Anti-American Swine

A small majority of Republicans actually believe Donald “Insurrection” Trump won the 2020 U.S. presidential election.

These whiny sore losers and seditious lunatics blame Trump’s pathetic showing – not on his utter failure as president and wretched, poorly conceived campaign – but on Joe Biden and ‘illegal voting.’

There is, of course, not a scintilla of evidence for these claims.

Even the ultra-right wing Heritage Foundation says that fiction is Goober Talk, but heaven forbid the 61% of Republicans awash in goofy Trumpian bile and slime would actually attempt to back up their claims.

The latest Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll revealed the depths of their delusional thinking. It found that 53% of Republicans believe Trump, their shabby party’s nominee, is the “true president.”

Take a moment to compare the rest of patriotic, voting, decent America to that Trumpian gibberish cult.

Just 3% of Democrats – and 25% of all Americans – have avoided swirling into the snake oil cyclone that is now the GOP.