The GOP Only Exists Now to Troll Sane People

Madison Cawthorn is on the leading edge of the new GOP Ignoramus Caucus. This group of toadying anti-intellectuals can be identified by their commitment to misrepresenting history, science, ethics, logic and critical reasoning.

Despite what this trolling Ken Doll says regarding George Washington’s intent during the Revolutionary War, Washington was above all, a practical man.

Washington, confronted with a potentially devastating smallpox outbreak among the troops, set in motion a plan to inoculate all American troops. Particularly those who had yet to be stricken with smallpox. At the time, inoculation was still horrifically dangerous and even deadly in some cases.

Washington, unencumbered by the blathering of “liberty queens” such as the demonstrably needy, uninformed Cawthorn and his fellow travelers, took bold action to combat a smallpox epidemic and ultimately defeat the British.

The campaign marked the first comprehensive, government-mandated immunization campaign in American history.