He’s the Jerry Lee Lewis of the GOP. But Without Redeeming Musical Skills.

Anthony Bouchard “had a relationship” with – and impregnated – a 14-year-old girl when he was 18.

He chatted about the “relationship” in a Facebook Live video for his (and this may well be the most startling detail of the story) supporters.

Yes, an adult man who had sex with a 14-year-old girl has “supporters.”

And to make matters more filthy and incomprehensible, Bouchard has been a Wyoming state senator since 2017.

What is not a surprise is that Bouchard has actually become more popular among the GOP Rubes he counts on since he announced he will challenge Rep. Liz Cheney.

“They’ll stop at nothing, man, when you get in the lead and when you’re somebody that can’t be controlled, you’re somebody who works for the people. They’ll come after you. That’s why good people don’t run for office,” Bouchard said.

The assumption being that Bouchard is “good people” and less Pedo candidates should get their minds right before taking on “the people.”

Bouchard says Wyoming voters wanted someone to fight for what Trump stood for, rather than someone who would go to Washington simply to “make deals” with Democrats.

“What we had was a full-on attack on conservatives, it’s going on and on,” Bouchard said on Fox News. “We had a man in the White House who was fighting for us, and what he got out of this was an ice pick in the back by 10 people.”

If only that were true…

It seems Cheney, who voted to impeach the current King of All Conspiracy Theories and former-President*, Donald Trump, is just not Pedo-Rapey enough for today’s Republican Party.