Kevin Brady Has A Plan For Lower Wages and Worse Health Care

U.S. Representative Kevin Brady has a plan for American workers. He thinks we’d all be better off making less money, handing over what’s left of the ‘free market’ to cash-fat corporations who survived the plague via taxpayer funded largesse, and getting by on less useful healthcare.

“I think it’s a major economic blunder to raise taxes on job creators, as we’re urging them to hire more Americans, and do it in a way that both hurts working families and drives U.S. jobs overseas,” Brady says.

This is classic “trickle down” yammering, and it’s a tiresome philosophy which has proven useless for the vast majority of America.

The ranking member of the House Committee on Ways and Means, Brady was once chairman and championed the Trump boondoggle which cut the corporate tax rate to 21% and amped up the deficit.

Brady is certain that the way forward is to fall back on the standard Republican playbook which has consistently failed to show results.

“I worry that some of these policies actually undermine or sabotage our jobs recovery.”

Of course, the Congressional Budget Office, who have demonstrated the Trump tax cuts created huge deficits, are equally certain that way lies folly.

Brady is positively thrilled that Red States have already canceled federal unemployment insurance for their Goober, Fox-fed citizens.

He’s loving it because, “Many of them can get better health care by not working, than returning to work. All of that is creating, I think the wrong incentives.”

Please read that again, and good luck deciphering it as you breaststroke your way through his river of economic feces.