The New GOP Rallying Cry? I Have Reassessed

In keeping with the new branding campaign rolled out by GOP toadies intent on insurrection, ‘many people are saying’ that the former Seditionist in Chief had nothing to do with attempts to destroy the US Constitution.

“I think now I would say that is not the unitary factor at all…I have reassessed,” said former acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller. “It seems clear there was an organized assault element in place that was going to assault regardless of what the president said.”

Consider also the words of the indisputably sane Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.):

“The truth is being censored and covered up. As a result, the DOJ is harassing peaceful patriots across the country. Gosar said the Justice Department’s work to root out those who breached the Capitol and fought with police is nothing more than “overkill” meant to persecute “Trump voters.”

“The FBI is fishing through the homes of veterans and citizens with no criminal record and restricting the liberties of individuals that have never been accused of a crime,” says Gosar. “The government even enlisted Americans to turn in their own neighbors.”

The same Paul Gosar once said this:

“The integrity of our government, our Republic, fundamentally relies on the principle that no person, not even the president or the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, is above our laws.” – the former Paul Gosar

My how times have changed…