The Most Dangerous Viral Infection Is the GOP

Navarro and Carlson A Team Built on Filthy Lies

Tucker Carlson on sensible mask policies:

“In other words, never. You’re never taking off the mask. Get ready for a lifetime of filthy wet cotton covering your mouth, reduced oxygen flow to your brain, and a world where every stranger looks the same because no one has a face.”

The truly loopy Peter Navarro:

“For whatever reasons, Fauci wanted to weaponize that virus and he is the father of it. He has killed millions of Americans if that thing came from the lab. Now it’s 99.999 percent sure it did,” Navarro told former Trump White House strategist Steve Bannon regarding an unproven theory that the coronavirus had originated in a lab in Wuhan, China. 

Ask yourself a simple question; why would our greatest infectious disease authority jeopardize a long and distinguished career to hurt the citizens of this great nation?

Answer. He wouldn’t.

It’s all just more simping for The Mar-A-Lago Ignoramus, and it’s truly embarrassing to anyone not wrapped up in a QCultural swamp.