The Stunning Effectiveness of Being a Brazen Thief – The Trump Orbit

It’s not the level of corruption and utter lack of moral concern which will characterize those involved in the Trumposphere Years, but the effectiveness of their strategy.

Incompetence seems to be a working shield when you’re willing to flagrantly flout and ignore all inconvenient legal standards.

“We have no idea how expansive this investigation is going to ultimately reveal itself because Rudy’s an idiot. And that’s the problem. Rudy drinks too much, Rudy (Giuliani) behaves in such an erratic manner that who knows what’s on those telephones or what’s on his computers,” says Michael Cohen, former Trump fixer and henchman.

And Giuliani is but one piece of Trump’s Wall of Sound when it comes to cheating America.

“He was afraid even when they raided my home and my law office,” Cohen adds. “Because Donald Trump cares about only one person, and I say it all the time. He cares about only himself. So, he doesn’t care that they raided Rudy’s home. He doesn’t care that they raided Rudy’s law office. What is it going to do to affect me, is all that he’s thinking right now. What did stupid Rudy do? What did stupid Rudy write? What sort of text messages or emails? What sort of stupid things was Rudy up to that’s now going to implicate me?