How Being An Ignorant, Filthy Excuse for a Human Being Became a Political Moneymaker

A lunatic shoots up a supermarket in Colorado; it was a mass shooting which ultimately killed 10 people, a police officer among them, and with little or no hesitation Fox News host Sean Hannity began to monetize the tragedy by spouting a slobbering diatribe against Black Lives Matter.

How is that possible you may well ask? It’s possible because there’s money in being immoral trash on television these days.

In cahoots with talking turd and Trump lackey Dan Bongino, Hannity began to provide a reacharound to his “audience” of ‘lib-owning’ ignoramuses and needy, foaming, hopeless swine.

Hannity and Bongino felt not one instant of shame as they whatabouted and strode over the bodies of the innocent in pursuit of some idiocy in a critique of last summer’s justice protests across the nation.

“They’re not riots, we were told all summer to over 2,500 cops injured. But these are the cops that go put themselves in harm’s way. And in this case we lost one tonight,” Hannity drooled.

And as a follow up, Bongino, a former human who should know better as a one-time cop and Secret Service agent, piped up to add this gem.

“Yeah, Sean, don’t forget with this defund the police crowd, that wasn’t a social worker who walked in there.”

In doing so, both men made it abundantly clear that they are not only willing, but gleeful, at the prospect of rolling around like hogs at slop in the blood of unfortunates. Theirs is a new dynamic in which actual human empathy and decency are to be discarded as symbols of weakness. After all, there’s cash on the far shores and someone needs to glom onto it regardless of the putrid river of feces blocking the way…

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