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Junak is a brand Polish motorcycles, the only four-stroke models produced in Poland between World War II and Revolutions of 1989. 

The name literally means “brave young man”. Produced by Szczecińska Fabryka Motocykli (SFM) 

During the nine years of production, 1956-1965, a total of 91,400 Junak motorcycles were produced. 

The Junak was designed in 1951-1952 in Biuro Konstrukcyjne Przemysłu Motoryzacyjnego (Automotive Industry Design Bureau) under the leadership of J. Ignatowicz. At that time Junak was superior to many well known motorcycles. This was not surprising since experienced engineers designed the Junak basing their knowledge on T. Rudawski’s group. T. Rudawski was the father of pre WWII Sokół motorcycles.

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